Political Economy Electives

All students must take two (2) electives in Political Economy (PECO). All students must also take the Senior Capstone in Political Economy (PECO-4980).

Examples of approved PECO electives are listed below. The list is not comprehensive, and not every course is taught each semester. Current lists of courses will be maintained by the registrar. Courses that students wish to count toward their electives that are not on the list must be presented for review to the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Government Department or the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Economics Department before the student takes the course.

During registration, students can find a complete list of courses (new window) and availability by searching with the “X-list: PECO” attribute.

Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.


ECON 2056: Poverty & Inequality
ECON 2611: Economic Development    
ECON 2656: Poverty, Growth and Inequality
ECON 4416: Market Design                                  
ECON 4452: Behavioral Economics
ECON 4453: Decision Making in Economics & Finance
ECON 4059: Game Theory
ECON 4061: Industrial Organization
ECON 4075: Environmental Economics
ECON 4483: Development Economics: Micro/Policy Issues
ECON 4484: Political Economy of Trade Policy
ECON 4491: Development Impact Evaluation
ECON 4493: Insurance Markets and Government Intervention
GBUS 4405: Introduction to International Business
GBUS 4970: WTO Dispute Settlement
GOVT 2601: International Political Economy
GOVT 2607: International Trade Law
GOVT 2608: Political Economy of Development
GOVT 3662: Dept Sem: Poverty and World Economy
GOVT 3667: Dept Sem: Economic Transparency/Political Stability*
GOVT 4828: Capitalism & Pol Thought*
IECO 2220: Economics and the Public Sector
IECO 2221: Law, Economics and International Policy
INAF 2252: Introduction to Economic and Political Development
INAF 3931: Centennial Lab: Indian Innovation Studio 1
INAF 3332: Political Economy of Asia
INAF 3367: Trade in Asia Pacific
INAF 4559: Ethics/Development: Gender
IPEC 4303: Corruption, Patronage, and Clientelism*
IPEC 4105: Political Economy, Inequality and Redistribution
STIA 3182: Energy Finance, Policy and Markets
STIA 4375: Financial Markets and International Security

Study Abroad

Up to two electives in support of the Political Economy major can be taken abroad with prior approval by either the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Department of Economics or the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Department of Government. To obtain approval please submit a syllabus for the course for which you wish to receive credit.